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Question: What is a “Recovery” school?

Answer: We believe the purpose of a recovery school is to provide a safe academic haven for students who have successfully completed a treatment program and who also show a desire for continued recovery.

Question: Is Serenity a residential school?

Answer: No. We are a day school.

Question: What are the school’s hours?

Answer: 7:30 am – 3:30 pm.

Question: Are students/parents responsible for transportation to and from Serenity High?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Can students participate in sports and fine arts at their home schools while attending Serenity?

Answer: No. UIL rules prohibit such participation.

Question: How long does someone attend Serenity High?

Answer: Each student is unique, and the time needed to reach his/her academic goals will be different from those of other students. Some students transition back to their home school districts after a period of time at Serenity. Many choose to stay at Serenity until graduation.

Question: Can students graduate early?

Answer: Yes. That is possible. Serenity High is a self-paced campus.

Question: What happens if a student relapses?

Answer: A relapse is handled on an individual basis.