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Referral Requirements

It is requested that one or both parents attend the pre-admission interview with Principal Stephen Issa.

At the time of your interview, you will be asked to provide:

  • Certificate of Completion from treatment center, discharge plan and home contract;
  • On-site essay from student;
  • Signed parent/student request for release of records and confidential information;
  • Withdrawal form from previous high school;
  • All current transcripts, grades, STAAR/TAAS/TAKS and immunization records;
  • Attendance report;
  • Discipline reports;
  • Proof of residency (current utility bill or home contract/lease); and
  • A current drug screen.

Assessment by:

Collin County Substance Abuse Program
900 E. Park Blvd. Suite 170
Plano, TX 75074

NOTE: Failure to provide all information may delay enrollment.

If you have questions, the Serenity High office can be reached by phone (469) 302-7830, Fax: (469) 302-7831 or by e-mailing