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What People Are Saying

The most common sentence overheard at graduation, as uttered by parents, family, friends and the graduates themselves:

“I thought I’d never see this day.”

Dr. Rick Reedy, Superintendent Frisco I.S.D.:

“Serenity High has been a gift to several of our students who have battled drug addiction. It has afforded them a challenging, yet supportive academic environment, while insisting that they remain drug-free.”

Students’ most common answer to the question “Where would you be without Serenity High?”

“Without Serenity, I’d be back in rehab, in jail or dead.”

Tom Crowe, Retired Superintendent, McKinney I.S.D.:

“A graduation at Serenity High has been one of the most moving experiences I have had in education. These students have faced their ‘demons,’ and now can see the love of their parents and family with hope, not disappointment.”

Florence Shapiro, Texas State Senator:

“Serenity High is the answer to parents’ prayers.”

Dr. John Fuller, Superintendent Wylie I.S.D.:

“Academic success, as well as personal success, echo in the hallways of Serenity High. I am proud that Wylie I.S.D. has the chance to send students to this unique high school, where students can experience both growth and opportunity.”